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Home (ペペジーンズロンドン) PEPE JEANS LONDON DYLAN (JACKET)(PM700635-952) ジャケット アウター 2017-11-15T14:50:06+00:00

Dr Douglas Samuel is a consultant physician specialising in gastrointestinal (GI) and liver disorders. A well functioning GI tract or liver is important for well being and life-long health. Disease in these organs can be the source of chronic health problems interfering with quality of life. Dr Samuel helps patients to avoid or cure these disorders. He works closely with referring general practitioners and specialists both before and after consultations for comprehensive care.

His main rooms are within North Shore Private Hospital, St Leonards where he consults and performs gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures. He works with a dedicated team of nurses, doctors, research and administration staff. He is a senior Visiting Medical Officer accredited to admit his private patients at the following hospitals:

He offers a fortnightly rural gastroenterology outreach service to the New South Wales Mid-North coast. Based in Taree, he is available for consultations and endoscopies.


North Shore

Appointments: (02) 9880 8809
Suite 11, level 3,
North Shore Private Hospital
Westbourne St,
St Leonards
Fax: (02) 8078 0180

Sydney South West

Appointments: (02) 9722 8794
Crohn’s & Colitis Clinic
L3, Bankstown Hospital,
Eldridge Rd,
Bankstown 2200
Fax: (02) 9722 7752

Mid North Coast

Appointments: (02) 6552 0071
Mayo Healthcare Centre
2 Potoroo Drive,
Taree 2430
Fax: (02) 6552 0091