How do I make a video consultation appointment with Dr Samuel ?

Patients can book in for a video consultation by either contacting us via phone, email or the contact page on our website. If you require the support of your local family doctor it's best that your doctors clerical staff contact our rooms to set up an appointment to ensure both doctors are scheduled.

New Patient Registration Form: save first to your device, complete, sign then deliver to our rooms


How do I prepare for a video consultation?

1. Dr Samuel performs all video consultations using the free "Vsee messenger" application with your username as  the email address you have supplied to our rooms on the above "new patient registration form". If video audio is poor, please ensure you are available on a telephone line number that you supplied to the practice on your patient information sheet. If you are not connected at the time of your consultation, the practice staff or Dr Samuel will contact you within 20 minutes via email or telephone.

2.  There is no charge for medicare eligible patients.  Please contact our rooms for fees for private telehealth services (namely for non medicare eligible services such as consultations for patients located outside Australia, in Sydney or other Australian metropolitan areas) or those experiencing duress as a result of COVID19. If you are eligible, at the end of your consultation the rooms staff will ask you to authorise your bulk bill payment (via email with your email address provided or by signature if in the doctors surgery). Please ensure we receive your response as soon as possible. If you are not eligible then you will be required to pay for your consultation in advance.

3.  It is your choice to have a video consultation. Video consultations can save you time, money and can happen in a place with privacy on:

a) your own desktop computer or laptop or tablet/ipad or smartphone
b) a family or friend's desktop computer or laptop or tablet/ipad or smartphone
c) your GP/doctor's surgery computer/laptop

Please let my staff know if you do not have all  requirements. They will help to suggest alternative arrangement or book you a standard face-to-face consultation. Ask a friend or family for help or your family doctor/GP's practice if they support video consultations at their surgery. If so they may provide a nurse or doctor to sit with you during your consultation with Dr Samuel.

What are the requirements for video consultation?

1) Computer ("Windows" or Apple Mac)  or  tablet (ipad) or smartphone (android or iphone) and
2) Video via a webcam or forward-face smartphone camera
3) Audio via a microphone with speakers/or headset or telephone (mobile or fixed near device)
4) Internet connection with upload speed: above 0.26 Mbps

5)  "Vsee messenger" application/program (Free) installed on your device

How do I install Vsee messenger?

1) Go to , scroll down and click on the button that says "get free Vsee messenger" and enter the email address you have supplied to Dr Samuel's rooms.

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation on the desktop, tablet or smartphone device and sign up for a free account.

If Dr Samuel's rooms have sent you email invitation to connect with your on VSee, follow the instruction in your email to accept the provider’s invitation and sign up. If you already have a VSee Messenger account, you can download the latest software here.

Follow the instructions under "My provider uses VSee Messenger" and even if you haven't used VSee messenger before, click where it says "If you already have a VSee Messenger account, you can download the latest software here". A pop-up window will appear and you can enter your email address (preferably the one you supplied to our practice) and click "Get Free VSee Messenger".

You will see:
" Thanks for signing up!
Check your email to complete registration.
Did not get the email? Try checking the spam folder or click here to resend."

2) Click on "Vsee test call" to test your equipment (if not already done prior to your appointment)
3) When making a call ensure microphone is not on mute. Sign out and exit all video and
instant messaging programs (i.e., Skype, Messenger, etc.) in order for Vsee to connect without conflicts.

How do I check my upload speed?

Go to: and click on "BEGIN TEST".  Confirm your upload is > 0.26 Mbps

What are the requirements for bulk billing?


Patients who live outside of Major Cities and do not have easy access to healthcare may be eligible to receive free video consultations via the Medicare Telehealth Program:

1) you are :

a) located in an eligible regional, rural and remote area (ie ASGC-RRMA 2-5MBS) at the time of the consultation, namely outside of RA1! – Major Cities (ie if you are in the green zone during the consultation  you can have a consultation but you will not be eligible for government medicare subsidy) OR,

b) you are a resident of an eligible Residential Aged Care Facilities OR

c) you are a patient of eligible Aboriginal Medical Service.

2) you have a valid medicare or DVA card
3) you have a valid referral from an Australian doctor
4) you assign your right to a Medicare benefit to Dr Samuel via an Email or signed written agreement.

Note: You can check if your location is telehealth eligible at Enter the address of your location during the consultation and click the box under Other remoteness classifications

NB. Gosford, Canberra, Sydney Outer Metropolitan are not eligible (namely all Australian Inner and Outer Metropolitan Areas ); However, Wollongong,  Toronto, Newcastle,  Noosa are  eligible

Why have a video consultation?

Video consultations allow patients to have a secure consultation using an internet-based video and audio platform. It will be the similar to seeing Dr Samuel for a consultation in our rooms without being physically present. Some of the benefits include:

  • Bringing quality healthcare directly to the patient.
  • Increased access to specialty services and second opinions for rural and isolated patients.
  • Allowing the patient to stay in their own community rather than travelling.
  • Allowing for other caregivers to participate in the consultation, including family or friends, teachers, youth workers, or home care staff who would otherwise not be free to travel.
  • Reducing the time, cost and environmental consequences of travel.
  • Reduces time for investigation, diagnosis and treatment through shorted waiting times for video consultations


a) Dr Samuel does not connect with you at the appointment time.
Every effort is made to keep to time. However, due to the nature of medical care and the technical nature of video consultations, this is not uncommon. If you have no contact within 20 minutes of your appointment please send an email to A new appointment can be made at another time if you are unable to wait or you might be contacted with a revised appointment time during the same session.

b) Video call quality is poor
If problems persist check the speed of your internet connection particularly if you have an ADSL connection. To do this click on "begin test" on and you get an download and upload result:

speed guide for UPLOAD (not download):
above 0.1Mbps: unsatisfactory
above 0.26 Mbps: satisfactory
above 0.4Mbps: good
above 0.5Mbps: ideal for standard definition video
above 1.5Mbps: ideal for high definition video.

Skype can be used as a backup if Vsee is not working.

Upload speed is critical and download speed is usually not a concern. Since video conferencing involves two way interaction, and the upload speed on a "normal" ADSL connection is 6-10 times slower than the download speed, upload speed will often impact on the quality of video or audio or both. Even if your download speed is 1.5 Mbps but your
upload speed is 0.2Mbps, you will connect at 0.2Mbps or less. This is under the required 0.26 Mbps so you are ineligible unless you can get a better connection. One of the biggest challenges of the videoconsultation is even if one party has 6Mbps upload/download speed but the other has 0.2Mbps, we in theory could still travel the same speed on the Think of your ADSL connection as a private freeway on-ramp directly from your house to
the freeway but the internet is the actual freeway. Your on-ramp will be free and clear however you have no control of the amount traffic on the actual freeway.

c) If Vsee messenger fails - click below

Enter your name

Click Video - Enter 4033772 in "Search to call" window